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Milliways Fanstuff Secret Santa Community

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This is a community for the Milliways Bar Secret Santa Fanstuff Exchange. 'Cause miraielle said:

I have an idea! (Run, if you know what's good for you)

No, really! A Milliways Secret Santa fanfic/finart exchange thingy!

Except I have no idea how to run one, and I want to play. Anybody want to admin it? Please?

And we said we'd do it.

How to Play:

1) You do NOT need to join the comm. Participators just need to send an email (see details below) to submit your request.

2) You should also submit an 'Open Letter' to your Secret Santa in reply to the rules post in the comm, giving any detailed preferences--anything important, like 'No violence, please,' should go in your initial request, however. If you have nothing special to say, just post "Merry Christmas" or something--you NEED to post something in reply to this if you're playing. Please post only once; this is for a specific purpose. There's another thread for general questions/comments.

Deadline for signing up is the last day of November. I know a lot of people will be on Thanksgiving break, but the last day of November is a Tuesday, so that gives you time.

3) Once we have all the requests we'll post them in the community & announce this in ways_back_room. Once we do, participators please come and post a screened comment listing which of the requests you can do. We'll allow a week for this, until December 7th or so.

4) We match people up using Sekrit Rituals

5) We'll email everybody with the name of their Secret Santa.

6) Post your gify, or a link to it, or whatever, to that person's Open Letter using Anonymous posting when it's done.

Details for the E-mail:

Your email to me *must include*

1) The LJ name you will be using. Duh.
2) A list of the top 5 fandoms, pairings, etc you'd like to see.

In your requests, please don't be overly specific. If you want a pairing, that's enough. Aziraphale/Crowley. For people who don't want pairings, only the basics of the plot/request should be part of the request: "Aziraphale learns the Highland Fling," not "Aziraphale learns the Highland Fling from Bernard while staying in a cheap hotel in Paris. And he has duck poo on his shoes."

Do include any specific limitations or restrictions you want though: if you have a morbid fear of ducks, that might be important.

Send the email to the address misericordia[at]gmail[dot]com.

I am your humble admin, John, aka joewithnoname . My email (as noted above) is jaltum[at]middlebury[dot]edu.

I am another admin, shati (a.k.a. Anthy-mun). My email is misericordia[at]gmail[dot]com.